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Hey guys, Howlstorm is starting to reach it's bandwith, so I need to make a new site - Blue here, by the way.

It'll have a new name (nope, I won't name it Blue) and new packs. New places, people, ect. So watch out, I'll post it when I make it <3.





Welcome! This is the new and improved version of As you may have found out, that site died. It was awesome while it lasted guys  

If you are new to the site, refer to the rules and frequently asked questions page by clicking here.

Sorry, but to prevent spammers from coming, there will be no home page chat box. Instead, there is a place called Forgotten Bridge. It's pretty similar to the Home Chat.


Notes about the new site..

  • I'm sorry, but I haven't really been active much here. So I've decided to either give the site up or shut it down. Sorry.

The new site has been up since September 13, 2010..

The site was last updated April 8, 2011..